Trackball as a music interface

Does anyone know if anyone has used a trackball as control device for synthesizers, music software etc…?

The Arc is fantastic, and a trackball is kinda like a 2d knob. Trackballs are also relatively cheap and have nice resolution. So I just can’t help but wonder what could be done with a trackball as a midi/osc controller.

What would you use one (or many) for?

If an arc has a feedback led loop what would a trackball need to be just as useful in a headless environment?


Never done it, but here’s a demo of a Trackball with an FH-1:


That is so nice! Very expressive and simple. I wish the video was longer!

if this picks up a trackball it would be helpful, but not sure if it will

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Nice idea. I’m currently using some ancient one for normal computing, in conjunction with a tablet monitor for drawing… to awkward to swap screens with pen & mouse and less rsi