A tracker sequencer for maxmsp


For a long time I’ve considered the teletype as one of the most inspiring sequencers. I wanted to bring some of that magic into maxmsp. This is my attempt to make that happen. There’s a few more features I’d like to add but this is already functional. The most important missing features are saving and scrolling.


Max 8, keyboard


You can move the edit position (orange) with the keyboard arrows. Type numbers and press enter to set a value.

Step can be toggled by pressing space. Active steps have a | in front of them.

The tracker respond to a few messages:

  • next [i]: iterate track i forward.
  • previous [i]: iterate track i backward.
  • reset [i]: reset track i to first step.


v1.0.0 - (4.8 KB)


This is tremendous, thanks. Having a play about with the code and it’s nicely logical and easy to tweak. Thanks!

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hey :slight_smile: Glad you’re enjoying it!

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