Trade category changes

after much discussion with the moderators, we’ve decided to make some minor changes to keep lines focussed on creativity and reduce gear-acquisition distraction (two goals which the members of this forum have widely vocalized).

  • trade category threads are no longer present in the “latest” posts page (the default lines landing). you’ll need to manually click the trade category to view listings.
  • trade category viewing is no longer visible to unregistered users. this is to discourage newcomers from seeing trade as the primary purpose of the forum.
  • there’s a small template text for new trade posts as a reminder.

we’re of course happy to hear any comments and concerns about this issue.

thank you for helping build such a dynamic community driven by positivity!


comment in favor of this

i already had it muted, i think it’s a positive change


Likewise had it muted. Nice move


I think these are all fantastic improvements.
Smart and considerate.
Thank you.


Another thank you here.

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Perfect, thanks! (20 characters)

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Didn‘t know it‘s possible…cool…but well, with the change there is nothing I want to mute anyway hihi…

Is mute available on mobile?

Edit: never mind, figured it out.

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Great decision, for the best for this community. My favourite threads are still seeing everyone else’s music and art, but I’m always distracted by the trade section because, well… SHINY!


This is positively fine with me.

Muted since day one, but this is a good change…

love this.

but i have to say i do prefer to sell here. primarily cause i like the people here and it feels better to trade stuff with people you like and respect. the other plus is that often times the stuff you sell reappears here in the form of good music. that part of it is great. but yeah, totally agree trading should not be the primary reason people come here :slight_smile:


Thumbs up here, too.

Does anyone know if there’s some sort of settings I can configure (or a different url I can bookmark or something) that would show the trade category alongside all the other categories (the old behavior)? I personally like having those threads intermingled. Unfortunately, I missed the art swap thread coz I don’t really actively go to the trade category now. If not, this is not a big deal.

EDIT: if you set trade to “tracked” the unread and new tabs at the top of the home page will include trade posts.


Would also be interested in this. As it is, I forget to check the Trade category and I also have missed out on threads there. I don’t mind having it muted by default, but it would be nice to be able to revert that change on a user-level, similar to how it was possible for any user to mute the category before if one didn’t want to see it.


Wait… do you have a link? Trade cat is on mute here as well :innocent:

This one!

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Try this—go to the trade category, find the circle button on the right, and click the appropriate level of “watching” you’d like. “watching first post” sounds like it could be the behavior you’d like?

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cool, thanks! I’ve got it set to that now. I’m thinking it’s not exactly what I’m looking for (sounds like it will give me a notification when a new topic in the category is created–TBD if that is actually right).

I more so just want to see these threads intermingled as new posts are made in them on the home page or latest (or some other “all_latest_categories” url that I can bookmark). I’m the kind of person with like 20000 unread emails in my inbox with a bunch of spam that I just scan past, hah

ahhh, then probably you want a stronger setting

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