Trade category changes


I think you can use the “unread” or “new” tab for that:

Might only work if you set the category to “watch”


Ah nice, the unread category does work when it’s set to tracked*, nice!


I think the physical format swap should have been in another, less commerce-oriented and more public-facing category. It’s ok to “hide” the module sales by me!

Can the cassette swap be a regular thing?


I’d totally be for it! Maybe it would also be a good motivation to finally get a new album done!!!


Agreed! As mentioned in that thread actually getting my sh together to record a home dubbed ep felt like a major accomplishment!



I’ve been looking for second hand trading monome offers but I guess all the category was moved. Where can I find it?

Thank you!


Oh sorry I’ve found it just needed to be log in!