Traktor -> Monome (Grainfields) [Update: solved]

Hi. I have a question maybe someone can help with. I do work in Traktor and also work with the same audio with my Monome grid using that super granular tool, Grainfields, and then I combine them afterwards in Audacity. But … can I do this live, somehow (on one laptop) — that is, have the Monome/Grainfields “hear” what my Traktor software (on macOS currently, though a Windows answer would be great) is outputting, and then have both outputs (Traktor + Monome/Grainfields) combined? (I hope this makes sense.) I assume the answer is something like, “Soundflower,” but figured I’d ask.

Interested in the answer to this too. I’m travelling for a few weeks and was wondering whether my grid and computer would be sufficient to take. I’ll be trying a similar setup this weekend so I’ll let you know how I get on.

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I’m stoked to report I sorted out. I got confirmation that Soundflower/Jack is a likely direction to pursue, so I tried it out with Loopjack, a trial copy of which I already had installed on my laptop, and it totally worked. I had to sort through the settings quite a bit. The Loopjack Audio Sources interface didn’t seem to do the job alone (maybe it’s not supposed to), but once I set the audio out from Traktor to Loopjack, then the Monome was picking it up just fine. I’m listening right now to grains of an Earl Davis beat, just bits of snare, looping on top of the track itself looping within Traktor.