Transmedia Worldbuilding: The Ambiguity Research Institute

A new trans-media audio world-building project is out today as digital and limited edition cassette, a deeply experimental collaboration between myself and game audio luminary Rob Bridgett (Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and much more). You’ll need to listen, explore the website, and read the booklet that comes with the downloadable audio in order to get the fullest (yet deliciously incomplete) picture.

Not music, though it has musical moments. Lo-fi in the extreme, with mysteries galore.


I will have a deep dive when time allows it. Sounds interesting. You reminded me of my copy of Leading with Sound having gotten no attention for two weeks.


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This is really cool and definitely is inspiring me to think about more in depth ways to present digital conceptual work with sound and visual components. Thanks for sharing!

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I am bookmarking this and will explore it once I have some time–excited to check it out.

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Thanks for sharing, I’ve been enjoying this very much. It is quite an immersive experience and I can get lost in these recordings. The detail and care that has gone into the audio is great, two sets of fine ears for sure. Would have loved to have it on a physical medium but unfortunately it will just get lost in the post.

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Thank you, @louwrens, and it IS available on cassette if desired.