Transpsoe - a 22HP 1U pitch CV transposer

I’ve been working on my first module, a 1U (Intellijel or Pulp Logic)

Transpsoe is a precise CV pitch transposer. It has two channels each with one input and four outputs that shift the input by a number of octaves. The first channel also has a knob for selecting a number (0-11) of 12-TET semitones to additionally transpose its outputs by. The first channel’s input and semitone offset can be added to all of the second channel’s outputs if the ADD switch is flipped down.

If you’re interested in building one, note that I’ve built and assembled the revision in the repo tagged with r0, but I’ve made a few minor changes since then that aren’t yet tested.


Love the name! I hope I never have to do a web search for it!

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This is great! Exactly the kind of utility modules that IMO make the 1u format useful :slight_smile:

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