Travel MIDI

I’ve been traveling a lot and missing my studio but I hate carrying a bunch of gear with me. I also got an 0-coast recently– one thing they sadly didn’t copy from the music easel was the 5-step sequencer, so I needed a way to get notes/tempos to the thing. I picked up this USB-MIDI cable on amazon:

Also got some mini TRS m/f connectors and proceeded with a 5 minute snip & solder mod that I thought I’d share.

Put a short lil female trs on the midi in, which I’ll probably never use, but just in case.

My audio interface, despite being compact is still too big. This little setup plus a 128 grid, power bank, and portable SD recorder allows me to twist the knobs pretty much anywhere.


Really nice, excellent idea! Only thing that scares me is how long the USB connector is…

Also, would be nice to do something similar but USB to USB to connect to an ansible!