Traveling to france- power?

so I’ll be traveling from NY to France and then to Iceland for almost a month. I’ve worked out what gear I’m bringing- 4u 42hp intellijel case and elektron octatrack. my question is do I need a step down transformer for my gear in Europe or will standard power adapters work? this is shaping up to be the trip of a lifetime and the last thing i want is all my new lovely gear to be fried by too much current. thanks in advance!

As far as I know both intellijel and elektron’s standard power adapters support European voltages, but you can check them yourself: if they say 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, you’re good.

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You can check what the mains supply is in each country here:

Then check your power supplies.
If they say 100-240vac input, then all you’ll need is a convertor for the different plug socket format(s).
If they don’t, i.e. they say 100-120vac input, then you’ll need a step-down transformer.

Enjoy the trip :slight_smile:

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