Trellis M4 open source grid controller


I’ve been working on a few projects for Adafruit using the Trellis M4, and thought people here may like to check it out. It’s an open source 8x4 button grid with RGB LEDs so, unlike the original Trellis, you aren’t stuck with just one color and loads of soldering anymore. Also, the microcontroller (ATSAMD51 M4) is built onboard, as well as an accelerometer (which I’ve been using for highly dramatic filter sweeps and pitch bends).


We’ve got Arduino and CircuitPython both running on it, sending USB MIDI and serial MIDI over the UART port.

To do synthesis or sample playback on it, we ported Paul Stofreggen’s amazing Audio library from Teensy over to it as well.

Here are the tutorials we’ve made so far, including a neat Arpeggiator Collin Cunningham just wrote inspired by Polygomé. I’d love to see what people here make of it/make with it.

I don’t have an Ansible yet, but I’m hoping to get one to see how I could better integrate Trellis M4 into my modular setup. Right now I’m using a Deopfer Dark Cloud to go Trellis M4 > DIN-5 MIDI > CV & Gate.


Cool and cheap one ! Thanks for the info


@jedgar Looks cool! Do you know if/when kits will be back in stock?


We’ll have another batch in stock pretty soon, I’m not sure of the exact date. There are also some AdaBox 010 subs still available, and without explicitly revealing the contents, it’s probably a good one to get if you want a Trellis M4…


A batch is in stock right now.