Tricks for track muting with Ansible(and others)

I’ve been playing with Ansible, and would really like to be able to mute a track for some period of time and then unmute it. For example, say you have a kick drum sequence and want to mute or pause the track for a breakdown and then unmute for the drop. I know you can mute steps in a track with Ansible but that’s not ideal for muting a whole track. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for essentially un/muting a track? I also have WhiteWhale, but not super familiar with that module yet. But same question for that module. I might try to fork the app and add a button in the modifiers page to un/mute the track. Thanks.

Unplug the cable works

WhiteWhale has channel mutes as per the documentation. It would help when discussing Ansible to say which of the modes you’re talking about.

White Whale doesn’t run on Ansible (yet? :slight_smile:), so this must be either Kria or Meadowphysics …

Yep, I know that, but the original poster asked about the WW module :wink:

There is track muting in MP, so I’m assuming this question is regarding Kria. My solution was to create various patterns where individual tracks, or all tracks were empty, or had all triggers removed, then selecting the pertinent pattern. With 16 patterns to easily select and 8 presets, you can create pretty complex pieces.

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Totally missed that part of the question! :confused: :blush:

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There is? If so, then the main docs need an update. Can you comment on how this is done? I’m assuming you don’t mean row stop/start?

You can turn the triggers and toggles on and off which is basically muting.

Sorry, I was referring to Kria mainly.