Triggers - soren's standalone FM synth

any active users?

i finally have a vari-bright and have been eager to get into this app since it’s introduction.
so far it’s slow going, at least beyond droning banks of oscillators. not that that’s bad, i’ll be happy with just that in the long run, but i know the envelopes and sequences must add exponentially.
those are the things i’m not quite making the connections with, literally. anyone get in depth with this app/synth? i thought i remembered more videos while soren was working on it, but could only find one on the whole interweb.


I did not know this app existed, but sweet jesus, I’m into it.

Have any other windows users gotten this working in max? I can connect, but get no response to key presses.

amazing sounds, great programming work and grid interactivity here. i’m still not making the link to envelopes and/with sequences, and or if they would even work in the manner i imagine they might.

-i’m on mac only.

Hi @Dadek, I would love to get you started with Triggers. You are more than welcome to catch me on skype: soerena1, then we can talk :slight_smile:

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thank you very much. i’ll keep experimenting and see where i’m at by the weekend and take you up.

I might bug you about this too… there are a few things I haven’t been able to get to work, I’m sure it’s my fault, though.

You are very welcome to : ) please message me on skype and we’ll find time

Hi Soren,

dived into this last night as I just recieved my 128 Vari.

I have a few questions that if answered publicly, might help other people rather than just over skype.

a) Can the operators modulate each other? or is it only the Att/Dec envelopes that can modulate operators.

b) what do the FM freq & amount refer to? the operator works at a frequency, but there needs to be another frequency to FModulate it. whats the other frequency?

c) similarly, what is the LFO that you can alter?

I am sure I might work all this out, but ifs you stick a few hints on Lines, then someone else might benefit.

Its a great app and uses the flexibility of the grid really well.

Sometimes I wish I was using more skill than luck to get sounds out of it.

hi hamildad,

a) the operators can’t modulate each other just yet, but I’m in the midst of making this possible

b) the frequency and volume of a modulating oscillator (Frequency modulation). this is only active when the FM volume is turned on.

c) I’m working on the LFO’s. The idea is to let them modulate the same things as the envelopes.

if you have any ideas for features or improvements, I’d love to hear it. you might wanna check out the issues page on github and see what I’ve already written there


Hey Soren, I came across your Vimeo demo of Triggers but couldn’t find anything in the apps page on the Monome site. Is this still going? I love the concept of it all.

@Telestisch It’s not a featured application but it should still be working. It’s in the collected application repo


This is awesome. I need to try it ASAP. Thanks!

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