Trilogy modules and pins

Finally getting around to really needing clock into earthsea. Wanting to make connection from Teletype, but I can’t recall if my teletype shipped with pins to solder on for trilogy modules. Is there a way to get another set, or is there something comparable I can order online?


totally not helpful to your question, but i was really hoping “Trilogy modules and pins” was going to be a thread about enamel pins of the trilogy modules :nerd_face:


Wait, I think we’re onto something.

My recollection is that the Trilogy modules and all generations of Teletype modules had all the headers installed for making ii connections.

The only thing I added to my earthsea module was a connector for debugging firmware via serial connection - something which shouldn’t be needed unless you are doing firmware dev.

No, not the older trilogy modules-

These are gonna be single-row 2.54mm pitch through hole pin headers, available pretty much anywhere that sells electronic parts: Mouser, Sparkfun, Amazon. Just gotta break off 3 at a time with pliers. Lots of Eurorack modules will have unpopulated holes for these, often for firmware debugging, sometimes for exposing extra functionality or auxiliary outputs, so it can be handy to have extras around.

Thanks CS. Something like these? Would length of 11mm be good for plugging up the ii2c connector to?

Yep, 11mm should be perfect!

Fair enough sorry for the bad direction - I must have installed those headers at some point and completely forgot!

There was some reference to “older” trilogy modules, so maybe later versions had the header pins already installed.