Trilogy or another Ansible?

I don’t usually go for gear-centric threads, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and this feels like the more appropriate place.

Right now I’m using a Teletype and two Ansibles with an Arc and a Grid. I love it.

I’ve never had any of the original Trilogy modules. From what I’ve seen it looks like they still offer lots of functionality that doesn’t exist in Ansible, and based on following the dev threads for Ansible firmware it seems like some of it might be there sometime in the future, and some won’t. I’ve also seen some continued community dev for White Whale (@scanner_darkly).

The biggest functional differences seem to be in White Whale and Earthsea, both of which offer really interesting things. (like WW’s pattern sequencing and play direction; Earthsea’s shape memory and note grid).

I’m considering a third Ansible so that I can run Kria, Meadowphysics, and something for Arc all at once. Or, alternately, I’m considering an Earthsea and/or White Whale. Does it still make sense to add a “discontinued” Trilogy module to the setup?

I love White Whale, and you have to try Orca if you have one. I imagine I will not be parting with my WW at any point in the future.

I’m curious about Earthsea but I don’t have one.

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I love White Whale, but honestly I almost never use the knobs on it, and sometimes wish it had 4 channels of CV… so if White Whale ever gets ported to Ansible that would be pretty amazing. In fact maybe I should work on that


I use WW exclusively for Orca now. Also use Meadowphysics extensively. As far as I can tell without owning one, the Meadowphysics on Ansible is pretty different from the standalone. I really like having the 8 triggers and doing some pretty complex poly-rhythmic sequencing with that, don’t care so much for the CV generation.

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I have the trilogy plus ansible plus orca. I find that for me, they all have their place. There are some great deals to be had used for the original series. I tend to use meadow to trigger teletype. Orca to do melody, ansible for more melody, and earthsea for sample triggering and modulation. Earthsea is the most unique. But I haven’t found any of them unnecessary in my system.

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Thanks for the replies. This makes me more keen on adding a WW and ES to my existing Ansible stable. I might need another Switch too…

Will the triology modules be available again?

I don’t see it on Monome’s website.

No, the Trilogy modules are all discontinued. Ansible is the current module in that vein.

Cool! So Ansible should be available soon?

No idea. It’s the current module, but the manufacturing is limited. They all pop up used occasionally.

Have had an ansible for a while and recently picked up a used Earthsea. So far I’m loving the (very) different approach it adds to my system. Worth noting that you can hot-swap between the modules…meaning I can get a sequence going on Ansible Kria, then unplug the grid (or use a USB switch) and plug into Earthsea, and the Kria sequence will continue to play, and vice versa.

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