Trilogy uart header

the modular development docs mention the unpopulated uart header and reset switch. i was curious if anyone had the part number (or details) for the header.

does the reset switch simply allow one to skip power cycling the device after flashing it (by hitting the reset button)?

correct. reset allows to remove power cycling when reflashing (development).

the header is:

send me your mailing address and i’ll mail you one! (and a switch)

Digging up this old post - I’m looking to get started with modifying firmware, but I’m new to this. I just got an FTDI usb board and now need to get the UART header. Do you simply line up the header with the pads and solder without putting anything through? Also, the reset switch - where exactly is that on the circuit, what kind of switch is it, and how do you wire it? I see some pins sticking out next to the power header, so that’s where I was guessing it was.

Thanks for any guidance!

Header seems to be discontinued and I’m failing in my search for suitable replacement.

I would be very grateful if someone points me to a place where I can order one.

I think any single row right angle 2.54mm pitch header oughta work, like this one. The board-side leads on that one look a little longer than the one I’m using, might be worth shopping around. If you’ve got the good fortune to have a local electronic parts shop I think it’s also likely that they’d have something suitable.

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Thanks, I’m gonna try that if not able to find SMT kind of header. I don’t have module before me at the moment, but remember seeing the pads and thinking that they are pretty small and putting header that is intended for through hole might be a bit tricky. Gonna look more closely.

replacement part:

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