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Edit: here’s who has been randomly assigned to which trio

For those new to the forum, the Lines Community Remix Project (LCRP) is a fairly regular community-building project where any of us gets involved to make some music. The result is compiled and put on a Bandcamp page, with on-demand CD option.

If you’re reading this, you’re welcome to join in.

We’ll be looking to have the music ready for the March equinox, Saturday 21 March, then a bit of further prep and potential mastering.

The main idea for this one: we’re going to make pieces of music together, one layer at a time, with each track involving three musicians.

How it will work

  1. On 10 January participants will be randomly grouped into threes, including an order to work in.
  2. Participants organise yourselves as you like - more below.
  3. Participant 1 creates a single musical layer, then passes it to participant 2.
  4. Participant 2 adds a layer, then passes the combined layers to participant 3.
  5. Participant 3 adds a layer, and submits the track as done.
  6. When we’re done, share notes in this thread. (For me that’s a great part of the LCRP)

How to get involved

Sign up on this Google sheet by 10 January. Put down your lines username, so we can contact each other easily if required.

You can put your name down twice, if you want to be part of two trios - and if, based on past experience, you’re confident you can easily get this done.

Watch this topic, so you get notifications and reminders.

People who miss out on a trio

It’s likely the number of participants won’t neatly divide by three. I will keep your names on the spreadsheet in reserve, unless you say otherwise.

  • At least one participant will likely drop out. You could be subbed in at this point.
  • At least one person will see this after 10 January and want to get on board. You could self-organise into a trio. Keep me in the loop.

Organising yourselves

Time’s going to be fairly tight, if you’re someone who is busy and/or works slowly. Humans are far too optimistic about our ability to get things done. Think honestly about any time you’ve done something similar and assume some unexpected event will come up.

Here’s some things you might want to start thinking about now and quickly agree in your trio. Feel free to share ideas in this topic too.

  • Is the default order going to work? You’re welcome to change places in your trio. Please update the spreadsheet. The fastest person goes last, so if there’s slippage they’re not stressed out?
  • What deadlines, if any, do you want to set for each participant to finish their part? Count backwards from 21 March. Do you want to have “drop dead” dates? How hard-line do you want to be?
  • What rules, if any, do you want to set around what “one musical layer” is? A single instrument? What’s one instrument? :slight_smile:
  • What rules, if any, do you want to set around length? Keeping it short might sound easier to achieve.
  • Can the second and third participants change the previous layers?
  • Do you want to talk tempo and/or tuning?
  • Do you want to agree roles? Some version of drums / harmony / melody? Low- / mid- / high- end? This might all be entirely irrelevant to how you like to work
  • If you are participant 1 or 2 do you want to hear the track before participant 3 submits it?

What if you’re out of time?

It’s likely at least one participant won’t be able to get their part done in time. As per the section above, communicate in advance about what you’ll do when this happens. Keep in touch with each other.

If someone does find they just can’t get their part done, there will likely be a reserve list and even the possibility that someone who dropped out of one trio is willing to sub back into another one. Messaging each other is probably appropriate, but you’re welcome to message me or post here as well. It’s supposed to be a good time.

The artwork

I’ve contacted those who expressed interested in doing artwork about whether they want to do something In parallel similar to the music making.


Yo, I’ve signed up. Would be interested in doing drums. Boom bap hip-hop or 80s pop sound OK for anyone???
Edit: with full understanding that anything is up for mangling etc by others on the trio!


I’ve signed up. Stoked to see lcrp continue!


Yeah I’ve had a lot of fun with LCRP and am strangely happy to be doing some organising for this one.

Anyone reading this: if you have an idea for the next, you don’t need to ask permission from someone. :slight_smile:


Beautiful version of LCRP. Signing up.


Finally settled into a good vibe after moving house, will be stoked to get into this after the holidays.


If you’re a person short, when the trio’s are formed, you can add me a second time.
I would prefer being teamed up with experimental/ambient/cracks & blieps artists.


A fun idea could be that none of the members of a trio listen to the others’ layers at all. :space_invader: If I was going to do that I’d like to agree some rules…


And those rules would be? Or is it to soon for that?

Yes that’s fun. I’ve been doing this with a friend bunch of times. Of course it can be a bit hit-or-miss, results wise.

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Let’s talk possible rules, for sure!

Just to be clear I meant rules I’d agree with the others in my trio, not rules for everyone in the LCRP.

If I was doing a “blind” trio, I’d think about one or more of…

  • no obvious drums
  • an agreed scale or set of notes
  • perhaps having lots of rests/gaps?

Or even just a discussion about mood or style beforehand!

I was trying to think of some things that could minimise the most challenging or “difficult” results, but without taking any chance out of it.

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what about instead of adding, remove elements, layers, parts, a removing process…?

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Signed up. Hope it’s going to be fun after the holidays.
Would be glad to be teamed up with ambientish folks :slight_smile:

good ideas. are we not supposed to sign up for the subsequent columns (2/3) or is it just that nobody has signed up there? i like @steveoath s style suggestion and would like to get on board. don’t want to step on toes or unintendly circumnavigate the suggestions.

ah i see i should likely bow out as random grouping in january (sorry for not reading it through). i am bad at ambient music as i’m hyperactive rhythm-er so it wouldn’t work quite well with ambient potential.

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I’d be happy to collab @dude I think that would be on the spirit of the lcrp. We would just need a third coconspirator :grinning:

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if you’re doing something hip-hop I might be interested :slight_smile:

i think rules were that folks get assigned to trios randomly. but maybe i’m not reading right.

Yeah, randomly assigned trios is the idea, but that was just because I figured it was easiest. But I also hope it’s interesting to find a way to work with fairly random folks


I reckon stay on the list until January and chat with who you’re assigned to then. If it doesn’t sound like you could find an angle you’ll enjoy doing, then be honest with each other, come back to this topic and discuss. Might be others who missed out or whatever.

Also if this topic ends up being a spring board for folks to form a lines hip-hop crew alongside the LCRP that’d be quite amazing! :drum::control_knobs::studio_microphone:


yeah i support the funky beat oriented (i’m no hip hop expert) spring board side project. gladly excited to explore that but can’t gamble with the ambient percentage and don’t want to be pushy. sorry to derail the community building. serious respect for keeping this line of lines up!