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Glad to hear you’re feeling better @crim – our trio is nearly ready too, we’ll have a piece to contribute.


Just uploaded our trio which was @jlmitch5, @fjna & myself. We ended up doing two rounds, though not everything from round two ended up being used & then we shared some mixes and worked out the final form together via DM. This was one of the smoothest and most enjoyable remote collabs I’ve ever participated in, they’re not always easy to pull off!

(I also couldn’t resist sneaking a listen to the @lumena / @samarobryn / @zaqwithaq trio – wonderful!)


Glad to know you liked it… it’s really a soundtrack. We started with a video made of found footage and text. A secret film. We used that to determine timing, length etc. As time and sounds progressed all cues from the film fell away and all that was left was the soundtrack.


That’s a cool method! Will you put the video online too at some point?

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I will check with everyone

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The quietly ambient piece by the trio of @ganders, @keinexco and @DoS has been sent via WeTransfer (Google Drive was being unhelpful). Looking forward very much to the final results.


Got four five tracks now, thanks :slight_smile:

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Uploaded thanks…

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After checking here is “secret video”. All space footage is property of NASA.
Text is mine and stolen lines from “Arthur Rimbaud’s Illuminations”


Six tracks received, expecting at least two more, two confirmed not happening.

Thanks all. If you haven’t got your track in yet, drop me a line when you can or upload here:

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Here’s notes for our track, titled Equlibrium:

@kveye : My take was mostly modulated Verbos Harmonic Oscillator with a bit of Morphagene with delays from Mimeophon and Magneto. I was exploring tilt and scanning controls of verbos. Recorded straight to stereo through eventide h9 for some reverb.

@Quesja : Took@kveye’s track, made a drum beat to go with it using patterning 2. Played beat live into my daw. Added rhodes chords using analog lab. Chopped up the beat. Processed both the Rhodes and the beat with Tape, Valhalla Vintage Verb.

@kriskeyser : Played Lounge Lizard VST Rhodes over the top of the other tracks through Replika delay and stock Ableton reverb.


We had a member drop out, so are looking for a new third. @howthenightcame @zebra @mattlowery I heard one of you might be interested?

Another trio’s in the same position - 2 people keen to continue, 1 no longer can. Sing out, anyone.

I can probably devote a couple hours to this in the coming few evenings.

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I’m at work, time differences and all!!

Would love to help out, it’ll be something simple though…

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I could probably put in time on something in the next few days if needed as well.

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Sure, pm me. I can do some listening / planning tonight and some tracking / mixing tomorrow.

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Any updates on what’s happening with lcrp?

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Oops, I’m sorry for leaving this hanging. I knew what was happening, but forgot to say so publicly.

There are people lined up to master and do art, and that’s all about to kick off.

There were three trios that needed folks subbed in, one of which is finished and two of which are getting back to me shortly.


This is finally done! I’ve started a new topic over here, to encourage anyone to check out the finished result.