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That’s really up to you. People will submit everything from one shots to nearly completed tracks. The important thing is that it should be your own original work.


thank you @jasonw22 for hosting! :slight_smile:

beatmaker2 909beat 86bpm
iphone vocal in the wc
abuelito’s crazy piano


I’ve been looking forward to this since I joined the forum. Can’t wait : - ) Going to tune up that old Zither and create some samples asap!


20 days till the sample deadline!


Word of the day: “Imbolc” - in the Celtic calendar, the midpoint between winter solstice & spring equinox, marking the earth’s wakening from cold & start of lambing. Imbolc this year falls today, 1 February. Also known as Candlemas or Feile Brighde, “the quickening of the year”.

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your image features this…

it says there were also three armed versions (of a cross?) and they protect your house from fire.


10 more days until the sample deadline!


…or keep it out of tune and sample it!


Sorted out 3 samples last night. was looking for that emerging optimistic new growth type vibe for at least one my samples(!)

I decided to find the oldest pro tools track on my computer that I could open and raid a sample from something unfinished - it was all ambient electric guitar back then.


Samples sent! My melodic sample is from my wife’s nylon string guitar & I made my percussive sample by putting sounds from the same instrument into my Digitakt & heavily processing them.

This will be my first remix project & I’m thoroughly looking forward to it.


Samples sent last night…A few days left …


Samples sent:

There are two files:

  • A melodic one which is very simply a melody played with MI rings, no FX, in Cm, and loop-able
  • A percussive one which is a bin-samara (very simple japanese percussion) sampled and played through Morphagene.

The idea was to create samples that were easy to manipulate as opposed to finished sounds. My first shot at this so not sure how successful I’ve been. Looking forward to the project.


The idea was to create samples that were easy to manipulate

yes thats definitely preferred, I think. Samples should be as dry as possible-the user can add the reverb they want. probably more true for short sounds and sharp edges, less of an issue with drones where delaybecomes part of the texture.


Will be sending mine in after work tonight, might be scraping the deadline!


Wohoo! I managed to make it! :smiley:


Isn’t that what deadlines are for?


There’s going to be a straggler or two. Are folks chomping at the bit (in which case, I’ll send out the samples tonight, and then send the stragglers as they arrive) or can folks wait a day or two?


Hold open the tube doors for a bit…let them hop on. Send out as you can jason…either fine.


Cool, that’s my instinct (hold the tube doors for a bit).


That works for me, but might need a bit of an extension at the far end too. The coming month is a busy one at my day job.