//// triskele : lcrp.2018.equinox.1 ////


I’ve just sent a link to the samples, so we’re off, like three hares… ?


Wow these samples! 20charblownaway


Some great source material here. I fear that I have already loaded in too much into my initial sketch of a track. Im already cutting back and I havent listened to everything yet (is guilt part of the process?)… but have to say I am inspired.


finished and send… it went a lot smoother than imagined.
Thank you Jason for, once more, organizing this LCRP and putting your time in it. And thanks to all of you for the samples… great sounds!


Great bunch of samples. Really inspiring. Can’t wait to hear the finished tunes.


track sent in along the wires.


thanks @jasonw22 for hosting
elhueroestelar sent via email (dropbox)


My progress has been poor. Was feeling a little depressed about it. But this morning I realized that I’m feeling a general pull on my creative impulse towards a more visual direction. Resolved to pause on making music for a while in order to redouble my efforts at drawing.

My first project will be the cover for this release. A triskele of hares, of course… (but hand drawn)


As usual I have had a number of false starts. I kinda wanted it to go in an 80s synthwave direction. But got stuck in a rut after initial enthusiasm (I do want to revisit this though). Have a more promising track going today, using samples I’d typically ignore - field recordings mainly). Really happy with how it’s going now.

Edit: done :white_check_mark:
Will check with fresh ears tomorrow and get it to you @jasonw22


A luscious lot of delectable din, these samples. I’ve been anxious about my first participation here, but I’ve definitely been inspired by the wonderful sounds everyone has shared. Hoping to complete the finishing touches in the next few days and send my file in. Thank you, @jasonw22 and all, for the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone!


would it be possible for there to be some sort of lcrp tag or something? I always seem to miss that these are happening and I would like to participate in one some day :slight_smile:


I think the idea that’s being followed is these will be released at each equinox/solstice.


With the equinoxes being remix projects so samples in a month or so prior to release deadline.

The solstices are earmarked as original compositions and the deadline is usually given a month before.

Hope that’s useful info, and if I have my dates incorrect someone will be able to pitch in and I can edit the post.



Ah, thanks, yes that is useful info :slight_smile: I didn’t realize that, thanks for the tip, @steveoath!


Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be able to get a track ready for this project.



Mine’s in. More rushed than I’d intended, though sure that’s the case for everyone else.

A pleasure working with these samples, hope I’ve done them some form of justice.


2 days left! I’ve received tracks from @abalone, @Autogeneric, @dnealelo, @fjna, @steveoath, and @Zedkah. @maxijazz sent a track via WeTransfer, but I was too slow downloading it, hopefully he’ll try again (sorry about that!)

Am I missing anyone?

I’m going to try one more time to get a track together tonight. Meanwhile, here’s the spirit of a March hare to provide all of us with some inspiration, by my talented and lovely wife, Nadine Schaeffer.


Yes, will send it again tonight or tomorrow for sure.


As expected work meant a busy month, little time or energy for music. I have something. Not a something that I’m particularly satisfied with, but regardless I’ll will send a link later.


I’ve had a close family member hospitalized earlier this week (looks OK now), so haven’t got to finish up anything yet. Will do my very best to make something out of it before the 20th!