//// triskele : lcrp.2018.equinox.1 ////


Sorry to hear that, but happy to hear the prognosis is good!


Thank you @jasonw22, appreciated! Excited to hear the tracks when it’s time, and really want to finish up something for this.


The 20th is a symbolic deadline. A few extra days might be granted if you make the pledge.short tracks, ambient moments and tracks with only 1 sample in them are all allowed.
March comes in like a lion and exits like a lamb.

good luck with the final push…


We do need an actual deadline so that I can start mastering, sorting out the sequence, finalizing the artwork etc. But we can wait a bit and discuss to see what that date should be if Tuesday feels too soon.


ok, track send. Did manage to find some balance between classic editing and modular mangling. (oh, the talk about process happens after the compilation is released, right ?)
Eager to hear everyone’s contribution !


…track now sent - really looking forward to hearing everyone else’s!


Just submitted my track as well. Looking forward to the compilation !


Phew! Managed to finish a track I am happy with.


So, where are we with the deadline? I’m getting close to something that resembles a track, but not quiiiiite there yet…


If you have been working on a track, but aren’t quite done yet, can you please let us know when you think you can finish?


Just finished mastering. Next steps are:

  • Export and convert DDP file for Kunaki
  • Export tracks for Bandcamp
  • Finalize artwork
  • Upload track and artwork files to Kunaki and Bandcamp
  • Post again to let everyone know it’s done.


Thanks again for all your work on these.


CD + digital download available here: https://lcrp.bandcamp.com/album/triskele

Tell me about interesting online collaborations

:slight_smile: fantastic tracks! cool graphics!
really great work, thank you

-track notes
looped @dnealelo 's melodic four times, flipped the third one
played it through the monolase, added satin


congratulations everyone with another lcrp!!
ceep them coming


Im about halfway through and its all sounding great. I was a bit tense waiting for my track to come up and wondering how it would sound but im really pleased with how it mastered and sits in there. Had experiences before where my track was the muddy and quiet one so Im pleased that I am getting the mixing better.

That great zither cropping up throughout the collection- love it.

Nice work Jason for tying this all up.


Wonderful noise! Such a privilege to participate. Thanks @jasonw22 for all you did to make this happen.


So weird and cool and great to finally hear all the tracks! You gain a certain relationship to the samples and sounds when you’re working with them, so it’s kind of odd to hear what others have done with it, but odd in a reaaaally good way! My first LCRP. Such a cool experience. Can’t wait to do this again :slight_smile: And a lot of kudos to you @jasonw22 !


[quote=“Zedkah, post:76, topic:11165”]
That great zither cropping up throughout the collection[/quote]
Seconded…that was the sample that my entire track was put together around (kind of sounds piano-like when pitched down & processed a bit). Really great to take part in this & have loved listening to everyone else’s submissions today.
@jasonw22 - brilliantly organised as ever - thanks for your amazing work.


great work everybody… really enjoyed listening to this one! Thanks Jason, for all the work! Much appreciated!