Trouble getting monome 256 (2007-2010) working


I recently purchased a walnut 256 on ebay, and have been struggling to get it working. The grid is from an early batch (2007-2010) and has not been upgraded to bus power. Its in amazing condition and arrived in the original packaging.

I’m using a PC running windows 10.

The unit powers on and some of the max based apps, like mlr and sum, recognize the walnut 256 in the
drop-down grid selection. However I cant get the 256 to actually run any apps.

I tried troubleshooting with my GS 64 (2010-2012) and Walnut 128 (2011). These two units successfully run mlr, sums, etc.

I also tried using another PC but achieve the same results.

I’m thinking that the problem is arising with the 256 because its older and requires different drivers or something.

I was also wondering if grids from earlier batches are compatible with serialosc, or do they require monomeserial ?

Any feedback, tips, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am eager to finally play with the device i’ve lusted over for the past 9 years.



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hi chad,

no special drivers are needed for older devices, and if you have other working grids on the same computer that suggests something might be up with the hardware. have you tested with the grid_test max patch? try manually turning on LEDs, and see if keypresses register.

Bummer I think there might be an issue with the hardware, I ran the grid-test max patch on the 256 and I can see feed back in max when I push buttons, but only the single top-left most button illuminates. Both when I try to push them physically or remotely trigger it in the grid-test patch. Below I have attached images of the max window and of my 256 output.


Could it possibly be the power supply im using?

Its strange because when the monome is plugged in idle, with no usb, all buttons will illuminate randomly while its starting up per usual. Below I have attached an image.

I took a look at the internals and all the solder joints look fine. However based on my observations I think something may be wrong with the usb port.

I base my assumption on account of all buttons illuminating when just the power is plugged in, and that I have achieved varying degrees of response in the grid_test max patch when disconnecting and reconnecting the usb cord from the 256.

However at the moment all response seems to have stopped, i’m no longer seeing any key presses register in the grid_test max patch.

I’ve also been searching through old posts and it seems that many users have damaged the usb port in one war or another. Below is one example from the great, @nosire


Can I possibly send in my unit to have it repaired? Would it be possible to just send in the logic board alone? I was hoping that I could also have the bus power upgrade done at the same time.

Please let me know if this is possible.

Thank you,


yes, e-mail and we’ll set it up