Trouble reflashing micro sd card

Any adivce on reflashing my SD card. I am trying to reinstall shield OS from scratch to try and iron out any kinks and bugs it’s accquired over the years but I’m getting stuck at a message telling me the SD card is protected.


I’ve had that problem in the past with cards that have started to fail. If it’s definitely not a simple mechanical glitch with the write-protect tab, or an issue with the volume not unmounting, etc. (sometimes a simple reboot of the host OS does the trick) then it could well be that the card is dying.

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how would I find out of it was a mechanical glitch or volume unmounting? Also what does a reboot of the OS entail?

By mechanical, I just mean giving the card’s physical write protection tab a few slides back-and-forth to make sure it’s not being read as protected.

The host OS is whatever you’re using to prepare the SD card (Windows, macOS, etc). Sometimes a reboot of your computer can clear up problems with reading and writing to the card.

I am having yet more trouble reflashing my sd card…

I have managed to format it and reflash it with the current image however now my shield won’t boot at all!
I have flashed my sandisk 64gb micro sd card (which has only been used for my shield) with the image for pre-211028 on my raspberry pi 3 yet when I plug it in I just get a red light and 0 response :frowning:

Any help will be hugely appreciated!

Hi there,

I would pick up a fresh SD card and try the same process.
Make sure the shield build matches your PCB version and Pi Version.

Balena has a post noting that SD cards do wear out over time.

I have had old microSD cards that I found in the junk drawer not flash properly. A new card has usually fixed the issue.