Trouble setting up Grid 128 (not working with plugins or Ableton)

Hey there all. I have had my studio packed up for the better part of this year. I just got moved and set up again, which is awesome!

What is NOT awesome is that I cannot seem to get my Grid working properly anymore.

Max 7 is installed and I got the welcome message from Monome. Meadowphysics is running, but will only play through the piano sound on AU DLS SYNTH 1. When I select OUTPUT - PLUGIN, and select a synth plugin, I get nothing. Same with Flin and Step. Since those patchers are working in Max, I am assuming that the others will as well. Functions of the Grid are on point as far as lighting and function, except that I am unable to get the sound out to plugins.

I can’t get anything to work properly on the Grid in Ableton Live 10. My Grid is recognized, but the lights are off and the buttons do nothing.

Here is Flin in a MIDI track with a bass sound as the output. When I play a MIDI controller, the sound behind Flin plays fine, but I am unable to get Flin to appear and work on the Grid. I feel like there is a simple setting that I am missing, but I am stumped. I thought that I might have some weird legacy setting from when I used to use my Grid as a clip launcher, but this is a completely brand new, blank Live project here:

Some information:

Mac OS 10.12.6 running on 2012 MBP
Just reinstalled the latest OSC and did this ( **mac: use the built-in driver. you may need to remove the FTDI driver if you installed it prior: (open a terminal as paste: sudo rm -rf /Library/Extensions/FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext )

IAC setup:

Live MIDI prefs:

I have updated to Ableton Live 10.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t been making music for a while for a number of personal reasons and am finally getting back in the swing and am looking forward to being creative instead of doing all of this setup.

Thanks and have a great weekend!


you shouldn’t need to use the IAC bus if you’re running meadowphysics in max. you can just use the “from Max 1” port, right?

regarding terms-flin, i’m not sure if it’s updated for the newest max for live. have you checked to see if Gridlab is working?

Amazing thing about this hardware / software / community is that frequently the first person to respond is the dude that invented the shit. :slight_smile:

What’s a Gridlab? Will check now.

Thanks, sir!