Trouble starting up again


I have had to reformat my macbook, and thus installed all monome stuff over again from scratch.

First I ran the official installer, and then I looked around for the serialosc.maxpat (because I need to use this in my patches) and downloaded the grid studies (max) stuff:

Running the first grid-studies-1-1.maxpat, my arc is not recognized at all and my 128 (2014) is recognized but it doesn’t select when I click it.

I have been looking around quite a lot, but must be missing something essential obviously.
Could it be that I’m running Max 6? Also I’m on OSX 10.9.5

Any help is very much appreciated.

download max 7. it has serialosc.maxpat built in.

let me know if there are still issues.

you made cycling include serialosc.maxpat? sweet!

upgrading got me back on track, thanks brian.

the order of installation (max, then monome installer) is essential it seems.

on a second note: the arc was connecting just fine at first, but then it suddenly lost connection and now the serialosc bpatcher doesn’t see it at all. I tried rebooting my mac and reconnecting the arc. it turns on just fine with the initial light flash. hmm

EDIT: bad cable, sorry!

EDIT 2: no wait, there is something fishy going on… i’m running returns, sending cc data to Live, and I keep loosing connection with either arc or the grid. Is anyone else experiencing this drop out behavior ? Tried 6 different cables now, so definitely not the cable.

EDIT 3: Okay apparently I got hold of a bag filled with bad cables… well done! :blush: