Troubleshooting White Whale

I’m using White Whale, a Monome 128 powered by ext5v. When I plug everything in, the Monomer flashes at the top left corner, as expected and the White Whale clock light is pulsing, but the Monome doesn’t seem to be doing anything. No buttons lighting up for anything.

Any thoughts?

do you have 5v in your case? it’s required for the WW to function even though you have the ext5v.

This is what I’m using:

I hope you are using the ext5v, otherwise you risk blowing the power supply. I speak from experience on this one. I should add, you can get the MN board upgraded to supply sufficient 5V, which is what they did when repairing mine, but I’m using the Switch these days just to be extra sure.

Yep, that’s what I have.

does the 128 work with the computer? what edition is it?

was the WW acquired new or used?

Hi all, thanks for the input. I sent Mini-power back to MakeNoise and they modded it for a high 5V power supply. (Another awesome company, btw…) This, along with the ext5V got things going.

Now, once done, I upgraded to firmware 1.5 and the White Whale doesn’t seem to generate clock on it’s own. When I connect an external source, it ticks away fine, removed the external clock input, transport stops.


When you “remove the external clock” do you unplug the cable from White Whale, or from the clock source (with the other end still plugged into WW)?
I am asking this, because if you plug in a dummy cable (not connected to the signal source) into White Whale clock input, it effectively stops the clock…

Ok, when I power on the skiff and nothing in the WW clock input, the Monome transport does not run. When I plan in an external clock source, it runs. When I unplug the cable from WW, the transport stops; plug it back in, it runs. When I disconnect the clock cable at the source and leave it plugged into WW, transport stops. Plug it back in, it starts. Power cycle WW and Monome and get the same response. This did not happen before I updated the firmware.

i am expecting that the param knob also does not work, can you confirm this?

if so, you blew the ADC in your WW. e-mail for a repair.

Yep, the parameter knob is not working. Ugh…

How does one blow the ADC?