Trying to find the name of an artist


I’m trying to find the name of an artist.
I know he made an album around 2000 with only samples from water (or maybe it was from a water-driven power plant?), unfortunately that’s all I remember. Any pointers of who it could have been?


Jürgen Müller?


This Edwin Van Der Heide record seems to fit your criteria? I’m not familiar, I just like an occasional Google challenge :slight_smile:


I don’t know of a specific Aube record to point you at but “album made with just ____ as sound source” was Aube’s whole deal.


I thought of Jez Riley French as I know he does a lot with hydrophones, and I’ve seen him recording in a hydrothermal plant :slight_smile: but his releases are all post -2000 – anyway if you want to check him out there’s a nice playlist here:


My first thoughts were of sound artists like Thomas Köner and Jacob Kirkegaard.


cornelius’ ‘drop’ ?

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Tomoko Sauvage ?
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I too was going to suggest Aube. Flush came out 97, all water. I think he might have even had more than one all-water album.


Sure enough, Aqua Syndrome, also 97.

Also Hydrophobia from 91, Drip from 92, Submerged Tension from 93, Liquid Passion from 95, etc.


Maybe it was this? One of the best IDM albums ever – not made from sounds of water, but the year is right & the title might be what is sticking in your memory?


I have one of his watery ones but i forget the name… picked it up ridiculously cheap back in the day because some record shop employee had made assumptions about the fractals on the cover and thrown it in the bargain dance compilations clearance section :smiley:



Whatever the answer ends up being, this is turning into a great little collection of late 90s / early 00’s water-themed music…


Thanks everybody for the long list of great music! Unfortunately none of these is the one I was looking for (was it all in my mind after all?), but it turned out a great list of music to explore. Some I knew already, some is new, so thanks everybody for having widened my horizon for water-based music from the 90s and 00s!


Just based on the “made from _____” model, my mind goes straight to Matmos.


Also naturally thought of William Basinski… he’s got a record called Watermusic (which I haven’t heard) from 2000. Don’t suppose that could be it?


This probably isn’t it at all, but the title makes it sound like it could be.


Ha—I remember checking out that record when I was in college! Seems like most things Tortoise-associated are worth listening to. Fantastic thread…