Trying to make a M4L drum seq that works with MIDI Clips

Hi there,
i am having massive difficulties to make a sequencer for Drum Racks, driven by the 256.
Maybe you can point me to some tips, or some existing patches ?

What i want to achieve :

  • only work with notes 36 to 49, so 14 rows + one progress bar and one function (pages, etc) row.
  • get all notes and display them on the monome
  • have different pages : 1 page is 4 beats
  • be able to enter/delete notes from the monome
  • be able to change the note lengths by holding the start point and choosing the end point and display the notes with the first one bright and the rest of the length half bright.

i’ve seen in the examples the use of jit.matrix to store the notes but i struggle with this.

Any help ?

check gs.ClipStep

Thank you very much. Unfortunately, it’s ultra buggy here, and all javascript coded, and i don’t know javascript, so there is nothing i could learn from it…

I see… just remembered it handling midi clips in live. Are you aware of the LOM? That’s the thing to learn. There are lots of tutorials, even baked in Max think.

I guess you checked grid studies for monome interaction.

Yeah thanks ! i am quite used to m4l and the LOM ! i’ll get back later with a patch, i guess !

coming back here on my own topic because i’ve worked for a while on this, then gave up, and today i really feel the need back.
i’ll try to find my patch back and post it here.
Meanwhile if someone has hints, especially with dealing with the note length setting as described in the first message…

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the live.step object lets u store notes’ pitch/velocity/duration if u enable the extra attributes. or if you set up your patch to sequence midi clip’s directly, u can use the LOM’s Clip functions.

what exactly r u struggling with?

What make me struggle, is how to deal with varibrightness, in fact. How to store the two datas and display them on the monome : startings of notes, lengths of notes.

moseys in

“Ultra buggy”, you say?

(Which is to say–did you get your sequencing fix or is there a reason for me to fire up M4L and investigate this external to myself?)

Hi griotspeak, how are you doing ?
it’s been two years now, and i moved to other projects, so no real need !