Trying to make diy white/pink noise generator work


I built this white/pink noise generator a while back but never ended up getting it working. My guess is that is not working because my eurorack is 12v not 15v? Anyone know what needs to be changed to make it work with 12v? Don’t remember where I got the schematic from.


It’s this, the AteOhAte toms noise circuit from HexInverter. Works on booth 12 and 15 V.

Maybe post a pic from the underside of the board.


This is a photo of the bottom of the stripboard.

Something to double check /rule out…I’m not sure if the black wire going into the board (this is your -15v ?) lines up with the yellow jumper taking the ground connection to the bottom left pin of the tTL072 . Is it one hole out?

I’m not to sure what you mean but the green wire going to the box power header is ground the black wire coming from the stripboard is the ground for the audio jacks.

In that case ignore me it looks right…have you gone over it with a multi meter continuity testing the connections etc.Good luck. these faults can be a bit fiendish to hunt down.

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I have but I guess I will just keep poking around and see if I can get it going.
Thanks :grin: