TT-Busboard-Jr (a small powered i2c busboard)


I did up a wee variation of the TT busboard…

It’s a compact powered i2c busboard suitable for use with Teletype, Trilogy and other i2c modules. Same voltage regulator and 2.2K pull-up resistors as the Teletype Busboard.

This one is meant to just float freely in the back of your rack (or stuck down with velcro maybe) - rather than directly attached to a module.

(I’ve also got a 1U tile version in the works - I’ll update here when that’s ready)

There’s three 2x3 headers so you could connect up to 6 modules with regular (1x3) i2c jumpers or use a “flying bus” cable to connect multiple modules in series.

I’m hoping this is useful for folks with only non-powered i2c modules (Ansible, Trilogy, JF, etc.)

I have a few built ones and pcbs for sale right now (pm for a link) or you can make your own (Github).

See also: A user's guide to i2c


Telex: Teletype expanders

would this work for connecting an ansible with @scanner_darkly’s poly earthsea to JF? still wrapping my head around the i2c limitations.



yep, i have a prototype and tested it with polyes and can confirm it will work for this use case.