TT : How to restore scene from USB disk

Sorry if I am missing sth, can’t find it in the forum or manual.

When I plug in USB disk TT writes into USB disk for backup.
But how do I overwrite the scenes from USB disk to internal flash without TT writing first.


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Remove the letter “s” from the txt file you want to load.


Thank you very much.

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This should be added to the docs to make it more explicit. I spent a bunch of time trying to figure this one out. :slight_smile:

the docs don’t mention removing “s” (which is just one use case for when you want to load a scene you saved earlier) but do specify the name format used for saving and loading:

i wonder if “quickstart” should be renamed to something like “overview” or “general information” though, as it contains some fundamental information about how teletype operates which is not expanded elsewhere.

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Yes, I read the section you linked and was none the wiser.

The difference between the saved files and files to be loaded was lost on me since they weren’t side by side (and I make a living seeing such differences in code …) so I think it might help to add a sentence that pedantically spells out what to do. :slight_smile: