TT: inhibit script execution?

I am away from my TT at the moment, so I can’t test my idea for the following problem.

  • I need to trigger script 2 by script 1.
  • At the same time, script 3 needs to read the state of script trigger input 2.
  • But script trigger input 2 must not trigger script 2.


  • Script 1 sets a variable to 1.
  • Script 2 checks state of this variable and state of trigger input 2:
    • If variable is 1 AND trigger input is 1, execute remainder of script 2
    • If variable is 1 AND trigger input is 0, execute remainder of script 2
    • If variable is 0 AND trigger input is 0, do nothing (=execute something harmless)
    • If variable is 0 AND trigger input is 1, do nothing (=execute something harmless)
    • finally, script 2 sets variable back to 0.

2 questions:

  • will this work?
  • it uses 3 script lines (set variable to 1, test for variable, set variable to 0). if TT code had a IGN (for “ignore”) command, only one line would need to be used. IGN would tell script Y to not be executed if script trigger input Y goes high. the question is: would anyone else but me be interested in such a command?

you could just use MUTE 2 to disable executing script 2 when trigger 2 is received. pretty sure this will not affect STATE, it should still return the actual state of the trigger input (disclaimer, i’ve never used either command and not near TT right now, this is just from looking at the code).

assuming this is correct the wording in the reference should probably be updated as right now it states:
MUTE disable external script inputs (1-8), turns off input jack


Made it to my TT, tried out the keyboard command META-SHIFT-(1-8) to toggle MUTE/UNMUTE for trigger inputs, and it does just what I need – thanks so much for the hint!

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Cool, I’ve never used this command, but now I have all sorts of thoughts running around my head about how to make use of this…