TT turtle mode - any demos?

Hi guys,

Someone on another forum compared this mode to Makenoise Rene. Are there any demos out there of TT in turtle mode? Really curious as to what this mode does. Thanks!

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I’m super new to teletype but here’s a quick scene using turtle mode. A sequencer bouncing around a selection of notes in a 4x5 grid. Direction is not limited to up and down but various angles. Really only scratching the surface but might give you an idea. Based on a script by @sliderule from the beta thread


It must have been me on the Orthogonal Devices forum ?
I’ve not been using it since i’m currently using the version with Grid integration (alpha versions are taking two branches until they gather again), but basically you can move within the four patterns banks, with speed parameters, directions, angles, interpolations, bounce mode, etc… So the cartesian mode is pretty straightforward.

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Check it out here :

(sorry i couldn’t paste because of all the “@” signs, it drives the forum mad)

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the latest grid beta includes everything from version 2.1 which means turtle as well! one fun exercise would be to try visualizing turtle on the grid.


Yeah that was you chapelierfou, thanks for the links and demo, I’ve been thinking into getting a TT again and knowing I can emulate Rene might just tip me over.

That would be sick to see the turtle moving around in a grid as opposed to the tracker.

my mistake !
Displaying the turtle on the grid should be quite easy !

Seriously, if you have a grid, now that it’s integrated to TT, just go for it; it’s insane, and, trust me, easy to program, for simple tasks at least.

yeah I think I’m going to do it :metal:


Do it. I’m only a few days in with pretty much no programming experience but it’s surprisingly easy to get the hang of!

Here is another video of turtle mode - moving in 8 directions with some speed changes. Sequencing Just friends using Just Type codes!


i finally gave it a try !
Basic functionality is working. Now i need to make a mode to input values with the parameter knob !


That’s awesome, did you try integrating the slide function?

not yet.
I’m not sure how to create ‘pages’ so you can have the same layout but different functions. Need to think about it. I’m still pretty new to ‘non-maxMSP’ programing…

Here’s my take on 2 René style modes using Turtle operators:
Normal mode: clocking both x and y axis separately. Each can be reversed with an external trigger
Snake mode: With 6 different patterns to scroll through - using the TT pattern page to look up the coordinates.

I also implemented an step edit mode. The code is all a bit of a mess and could do with some refining before I post it…!


Could someone elaborate a bit on the relation between @step and @speed? I’m a little confused by the /100 aspect.

Also, is there a more automated way to achieve Rene Snake behavior? I’m able to do it manually with an Every command.

Could someone elaborate a bit on the relation between @step and @speed? I’m a little confused by the /100 aspect.

Two years later and this still isn’t clear in the manual. Perhaps I’ve missed a forum post explaining…

Also, what’s determing direction and what are the possible values for direction? I haven’t gotten to exploring but the manual was again, unclear.

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