TT working pattern rules?

If I use one script to set the working pattern with P.N, this selection of the working pattern will be global, i.e. valid for all other scripts as well, right? So when I have e.g. a P.N 4 in one script, it will affect the last selected working pattern set with a different script, right?

Now imagine I have four scripts, each consisting of a P.N X (with X being the pattern number), followed by pattern commands that act on the working pattern. When I trigger these script at irregular intervals, can I be sure that each script just uses “its own” working pattern selection while it is executed?

Or asked in a different way: can the working pattern selection that happens in script 1 change the working pattern selection in script 2 WHILE script 2 is being executed?

There’s only one working pattern. So you’re right that having a P.N x on one script will affect the pattern which is being modified by other scripts using P.POP etc.

If you want to use the ‘working pattern’ commands on a specific pattern per script, you need to put a P.N x at the top of those given scripts.

Once a script starts executing it should run the entire way through, so if you’ve set P.N at the top of that script, another script won’t change the P.N while it is executing. The processor is relatively simplistic - it always runs through commands sequentially, so there’s no multi-threading or anything like that causing overlapping scripts.