TTQ - Spectrums

Exactly one year ago I put out my debut album, Curves. Tomorrow is the official release date for my second album Spectrums, but I put out on Bandcamp already.

The whole idea started with an idea for a piece that would be divided to bass, middle and treble tracks. They would hold on on their own, or form a singular piece of music when played on top of each other. That didn’t come to fruitition (yet), but it started a creative process of learning, exploring and finding my voice. My process of creation has moved to more experimental, and on some level I think to more honest (to myself) direction. I’ve moved from trying to show others who I am to finding it out for myself. This album is about silencing the small voice in my head that says this is not real music, this is not wort doing, and instead finding emotional connection with the sound and songs for myself. It’s about creating spaces and small snippets of story, exploring the physicality of sound, making drones danceable and enjoying imperfections.

Artistic sentimentality aside, let’s talk about technique. I worked a lot more with audio during this project than I have before, previously I’ve been using a lot of midi stuff, strict sequencing and total recallability. Working with audio in a destructive way, taking cues from old-school way of working with tape, especially with raw recordings from my modular (often straight out oscillators, tracks and voices tuned purely by ear to each other) made the album a lot more organic and lively feeling to me. The compositions and arrangements happened very much in the moment, and with this (to me) new way of working it felt more effortless than before. I didn’t ponder on decisions too much, or second guessed myself, because there were no way of going back. Aside from recordings from my modular, I enjoyed using heavily processed field recordings and samples, drones from many sources and such to explore aformentioned physicality of sound and abstract spaces. It was more of a way for me to get inspired and find the direction where to take my ideas than any goal sound wise, but it was quite large part of the process.

Spectrums feels like the resolution for certain musical journey and creative growth. My process and way of thinking about creating changed quite drastically in the year between Curves and Spctrums, so I’m excited to see where I find myself heading next.

(Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services will be available tomorrow.)

Music video for one of the songs (Creating the Perfect Prototype (feat. JS6):

Spotify link: