Tune stuff. With norns.


Audio in
TestSine engine from We


E3 to hear a reference note.
Parameters to select input channel and reference note.


Tuner v1.0.2



I love this for what it does but also as a useful reference/base for building scripts that read and react to an incoming signal. thanks for this!


Hi, just a quick note to say that I think it’s displaying an octave to low (i.e. 98Hz is displaying as G1 not G2). I’m comparing the output to what’s displayed on the tuner in my Mordax Data. They’re both displaying the same freq but different notes (and I checked against http://pages.mtu.edu/~suits/notefreqs.html).

All the same, it’s a very handy app to have!

It just depends what MIDI ‘specs’ you read. For what it’s worth 60 = C3 is what Ableton use.

Ha, well I guess that’s my new thing learned for the day.

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getting script run
loading engine: TestSine

SCRIPT ERROR: missing TestSine

Need to install we


I hadn’t realised that was no longer in the default install - I’ve updated the requirements at the top :+1:

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Ah nice I was messing with my installed packages and probably inadvertently deleted it I’ll get it back thanks!

just want to say I absolutely love this script. it’s so nice have a device with a tuner and this is a great tuner! I use it all the time- while practicing trumpet, for re-pitching samples to be in tune, and I even forked into a weird pitch follower that plays a synthesized kalimba when I play a note on my kalimba. thank you for making this @markeats


This may be a me problem, but both this script and all the ‘We’ tests that utilize test sine are telling me that it can’t be found. I even went ahead and downloaded a fresh copy from github, to no avail!

Anyone else have this problem?

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First things to check would just be that the engine is in the expected place and norns has been restarted. If it turns out to be more complicated then perhaps someone else can chime in :slight_smile:

Tuner is not working for me since updating to 220321. I thought maybe I needed to also have We installed, but when I install it I get a super collider failed error. Anything else I should try?

Installed We from: GitHub - monome/we: norns/dust: collected and collaborative projects

Edit: disabled the Z-Tuning mod and Tuner is working. Phew…I use the tuner a lot glad it was a simple solution.