Turing on Ansible as alternative firmware?

Alright. Maybe a stupid idea, but what about an alternative firmware for Ansible in the Turing Machine vein?

I was reading into alternative firmwares for the Eurorack modules, and came to the conclusion making such an app is really out of my league, but I hope some of you smart people get inspired :smile:

I’m aware of the possibilities of TT, and really tried, but it didn’t click with me, I guess…
And I’m out of HP and money :wink:


There are already a lot of modules supporting Turing algorithms as either a primary or secondary function. That being said, I think the appeal of the Turing Machine is the immediate ability to create a random melody and inject randomness at will. I wonder if it may be more appropriate to take an existing app like Kria and request a randomize button for each group/page: randomize triggers, randomize pitch, randomize gate, randomize accent, even randomize scale. To make it more Turing flavored you could even set a degree of randomness or probability of change. This would be a step further from a probability that a note/trigger is fired. Just an idea and one that I would support :slight_smile:

Yeah, a randomizer voor Kria would be cool also. I find myself “manually” randomizing Kria’s pages now and then. Punching in random values sometimes leads to fun sequences.
And yes, another option would be buying a Turing capable module, but already having an Ansible in my rack, it being open source and all, thought maybe more of you guys would like the idea :slight_smile:

Moved this thread to development, also giving it a bump as I’d love to see someone jump into more alt-firmware for Whitewhale and Meadowphysics. Since both of these modules have been incorporated into Ansible in some way or form, there’s a bunch of WW / MP’s on the second hand market for pretty cheap. Seems like a great opportunity for someone to jump into the alt-firmware world.

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