Turmoil [2022] (one instrument only)

I posted this in the “Releases using just ONE piece of gear” thread, but since people have been so lovely and supported it on Bandcamp, I guess it has become a release in a way. So might as well also post it here in “Releases”.

Backstory: A couple of days ago I found a lost SD card with a bunch of live improvisations, using an Easel, looper & fx pedals. Been looking for it for a year, and suddenly it just appeared. Woohoo! I had no idea what was on it and had forgotten the tracks.

Process: Synth connected to a looper and some FX pedals. Press “Rec” on the broken mixer with stereo SD card recording. At least that function still works on it. Improvise and whatever happens, happens. Press stop, and that’s it. Repeat. Embrace the happy (and unhappy) accidents. It’s sometimes a bit chaotic since I’m pretty trigger-happy when it comes to handling the setup. But there are also some ambient-ish moments, so it’s not all “synth-Meshuggah”. But don’t expect a soundtrack for fine dining.

When listening back to it, there was this weird sound panned hard left or right. And I just couldn’t figure out what the hell made those strange sounds until now. It was Norns Shield running Compass. Why panned hard right/left? I have no idea. Probably a bad cable. Anyway, now that’s part of the sound. Carpe diem blah.

Still fascinated by how fun it is to play with this unruly mono synth with a looper. When our most valued currency is time, it’s nice to be able to create something in the moment and get a creative kick out of it.

Stereo recording, no overdubs, 100% improvised.

14 tracks here: