Turn Norns Screen Off?

Is there a way to turn Norns screen off when using it to save on power? Putting the screen to sleep while not putting Norns to sleep?

i don’t think so. scripts call the screen api which resets the screensaver timer.

you can extend this file to include a Screen.off() method and set the screensaver.count to the max. i wonder how much power the screen actually uses, tho?

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there is a screen sleep timeout, set at 900 secs.

you can change it here: https://github.com/monome/norns/blob/main/lua/core/screen.lua#L18


Thanks. I was able to find and change that number. Nice.

hi, i’d like to change the screen sleep timeout on my norns but not quite sue how to do this via github/the link you provided

A nice (IMO essential) aspect of norns is that all of its source code is on-device and you can make any changes you’re comfortable with. Since this is just in the Lua code it does not require recompiling. All you should need to do is

  • edit this file on your norns, that is, /home/we/norns/lua/core/screen.lua, replacing 900 with the desired number of seconds
  • restart norns

You can edit this file using any means of modifying files on norns, my preferred approach would be to run from a terminal:

ssh we@norns.local              # from my desktop machine
vi ~/norns/lua/core/screen.lua  # edit the file on norns from within an SSH session

For making modifications to the C / C++ components you need to be able to recompile as well, see the guide on extending norns.

Note also that any edits you make here will be wiped out the next time you do a SYSTEM > UPDATE. In fact I believe the entire ~/norns/.git directory is removed, so be sure to make a backup somewhere, e.g. by pushing to your own fork on Github or just on another computer. Worth noting that you should be able to git clone over SSH from your laptop, this way you don’t need a Github account or anything:

git clone we@norns.local:/home/we/norns/.git norns

This says: login as we to the server norns.local, clone the git repository /home/we/norns/.git into the local folder norns in the current working directory on your laptop.

If you’re comfortable using git and recompiling norns, you can also manually manage the code on your device and keep up to date with new features without generally needing SYSTEM > UPDATE at all.


ahhh thank you this is really helpful, clear and concise. i apprecitae it!

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thank you for explaining this!

i am always having to wake up norns during my noiz sessions!

updated the 900 to 3600 and now i have 1 hour screen time!


hey ya.

so…after updating to 210301…
the hour long screen time is not working.
is there something i missed that is preventing this change from sticking?

I use this method explained here to turn off the screensaver making the screen always visible Turn Norns Screen Off?
But I would love to see this feature in the menu of the norns in following updates. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this to the developers. If is not please let me know where I can make my inquiry.
Take care