Turn off Categories?

How do we turn off the category view on the main page so we only see the topic? I’ve looked in preferences and haven’t found it.

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hi John!

this is actually part of a larger discourse (our forum platform) update – the mods are currently discussing how we’d like to adjust the theme to better suit the style you described. :slight_smile:

stay tuned!


Yeah it really trashed the esthetic…


Not sure if I understand it correctly, but if you want the latest topic view on the home page you can turn it on in your preferences > interface > Default Home Page

it looks like it would be a simple CSS rule on the .link-bottom-line class, add display:none;

You can actually do this using the the developer tools / inspector of your browser or grab a browser extension to enable specific local CSS rules per page. Although I’d admit it’d be better to do in the default theme.

I already have the “Latest Topic” view just as I have had for the past year or two, the problem is the newly displayed “Category” listings below the topic. No problem though as @dan_derks identified that this issue is being worked on.

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I kind of like it… :man_shrugging:t4:

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i fixed the category display. categories are now back in a column to the side of the topic list. this applies to desktop only, and i made sure to fix both the light and dark themes. mobile still displays as it always has, without multiple columns.

the original switch that moved categories under threads was a new default forced on all discourse 2.2.0b5 users by discourse upstream. there was considerable complaint from the rest of the discourse user community, and they came up with several solutions; this one needed a new add-on. when i updated our forum software yesterday, it was one of a few new upstream defaults in the latest version, some not as good as others.

one nice thing about updating to discourse 2.2.0b5 is the improvement to the mobile view. finally, the top navbar and menu are persistent and useful again; they doesn’t keep vanishing when scrolling.

this update is otherwise pretty solid, but let us know if you find any odd things that are broken anywhere. thanks, all!


Yay…back to simplicity.

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yeah that new view was stressin me out lol