Turn off Emails for Watching Topics

Is there a way to turn off email notifications for topics I’m Watching? I’d like to continue to get emails for other things like replies to my posts, but only want to see the notifications for topics I’m Watching when I visit the site.


bumping this post, is there a way to turn off email notifications all together? i’m getting waaaaay to many emails multiple times a day from the forum. While I love the forum, would prefer not o have my inbox blasted. Any tips on how to turn this off would be appreciate. tried digging around the preferences menu here but i must be missing something. Would still like to get notified when someone pm’s me, which is the only thing I found to be able to turn off…

there are a few things to check if you want to reduce the number of emails and notifications:

  • preferences > emails. turn off email when someone quotes me, and uncheck activity summary.
  • preferences > notifications. turn off automatically track topics i enter and notify when liked.
  • preferences > notifications > categories. remove all categories from watched and tracked. this might not apply retroactively to existing threads, so click show to list the threads that you’re watching/tracking. within each thread, you can change your notification preferences via the dropdown at the bottom of the thread, or the bell icon in the sidebar.
  • preferences > notifications > tags. remove all tags from watched and tracked.

if you still receive emails, check the email to see if there’s an unsubscribe option somewhere in its footer. and if you’re still having further email issues, send me a PM; there’s some things i can check on the admin side.

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