Do any of you use turntables as part of your setup?

It’s been on my mind a lot lately, as it’s something that I’ve thought about every few years in the sense of “damn, I wish I would have started that sooner”. (I’ve actually arranged to meet someone for a ‘turntable lesson’ this weekend finally!)

I’ve always loved the concept (sample/playback), physicality, sound, and interface of a turntable, and how creatively it’s been (mis)used over the year. It’s almost a cultural pivot point if you take hip-hop into account.

I’m especially inspired by the work of DJ Sniff, Otomo Yoshihide, Kid Koala, etc… More experimental usages of the turntable, but seeing people really rip it up is also really interesting (as a drummer).

There are also plenty of people using the ‘acoustic’ nature of the turntable as well, Kitundu, Strotter Inst., (Otomo Yoshihide), etc…

So, any turntablists on here?


Don’t have too much to add, but I do want to put this here because it is incredible. Also the conversation about midi-modded turntables below the video really gets me excited :slight_smile:


I had two turntables and a mixer, but I sold them when my kid was born. I used to run one through a Kaoss Pad. The only turntable now in the house is in the living room. It’s “listening only,” so to speak.


I have in the past, I used to use records with birdsounds and the like on them, run through effects and whatnot. I’ve also used a terrible old Califone turntable on occasion both for it’s ability to play things at 16RPM and the bad sound quality it emits. I’ve abandoned using turntables ‘as an instrument’ because it would simply take too much practice for me to get really good at them, but for a while it was a fun alley to go down:


when you do, you’ll be up against 'the best
dj primo

and, we know you can do it
make something equally as cool, and different- we believe in you @Rodrigo

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i only want to add this, you’ve probably seen it already but this the first time i saw someone being so creative with an turntable:


nice. i recently discover the work of Maria Chavez. i need to dig deeper but so far i like it very much.

my first encounter with noise was at an eRikm gig. i didn’t know one might produce such weird sounds with a turntable and vinyls. memorable.

although the sounds of turntablists are a huge influence for me, i don’t think i would enjoy playing with turntables. but i’m curious to hear from people around how they get into it and how they work with it etc.


Egyptian Lover is killin’ it too. He talks about his practice in the first 10min.


Due to lack of space my turntables are boxed atm, but maybe worth mentioning…


@red @Rodrigo thanks for the links.
i’ve found a lot of poetry into the works and intentions of flo kaufman, kitundu and strotter inst. beautiful.
@rodrigo : is this somehow the way you intend to play with turntables ?

i’ll take the time to see the musical : i love the plot.

regarding the scratch edition : (that’s very smart and cool) and it makes me think about this : http://rhythmnecklace.com/
(and btw i tought --if it doesn’t exist yet-- that it could be a nice arc app.)


Oh man, lots of great/exciting links!

Not exactly that way, but perhaps some elements of what Otomo Yoshihide does, throwing actual drum/percussion stuff in the mix with a turntable. I also like the idea of scratching too, but not ala q-bert or someone super flashy like that. It would be really fun coming at it as a drummer(/pianist) as there’s a lot of physical, and mental, dexterity when it comes to rhythm in my hands.

I’m also leaning towards actual physical vinyl for the time being, but the inclusion of digital vinyl opens up the possibility of a vinyl driven Cut Glove system, which would be cool as shit!


check the numark cdx if you ever spot one used

one of the more mind-bending experiences available in film format

not entirely sure if it makes sense without a steady supply of n2o (not that I’d ever recommend such a thing)

That’s quite quirky.

If I do go the turntable route, it will be fun hunting down an interesting turntable. Maybe get a bread-and-butter Technics, but I’ve seen some crazy stuff out there (like the cdx, or the midi-controlled turntables from the videos thread).

It’s on my list of things to watch now.

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I think that because the 1200s are aging, many people are moving to Pioneer (because they’re so intentionally similar to the 1200s) or Numark (because they’re ready to move on in a new direction).

I don’t have a turntable, yet. I do want one, but really just to listen to music. I don’t think I’m likely to become a turntablist.

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That’s quite reasonable! (though I’m quite offput by what appear to be a hardwired rca cable instead of rca jacks)

And good to know about Pioneer/Numark.

In an odd way, I kind of want a boxy body (ala Technics/Pioneer) style as it will be able to hold my Dicers, which funnily enough, I ordered weeks ago to use with my drums!


i’m gonna give you more detailed advice but the most important thing for your purposes is making sure to get a tt with direct drive motor

vestax got a great reputation for build quality rivaling technics, extremely responsive dd motors & brakes, and other unique aeshetic & functional design features

i always wanted a vextax and finally got one but it’s been eclipsed by my other electronic interests…i will try to bring mine out of storage and mess with it to share findings


That’s why they have the much more expensive PLX-1000

And yeah, Vestax is the other one people moved to after Technics. Vestax and Numark are new school (they don’t really try to be exactly like a 1200, higher torque, etc). Pioneer is recreating old school (well, specifically Technics 1200, like trying to mimic the feel exactly). All of the above are direct drive turntables.

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what you want


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Uh oh take 2