I’m going to be an opportunist here: if anyone just happens to be in/around Los Angeles, and wants one original Technics 1210 turntable, in nice, non-abused condition (strictly used in my home, not ripped out of some dilapidated club), let’s talk about either a sale, or a trade for a module or two…although at the moment, I’m only really looking at Mannequins, Monome, and a few Intellijel modules, and an Erbe Verb.

Must have two Just Friends…must have…two…Just Friends…mmmmuust…haaav…

Oh my god, that Yoshihide set is totally insane!
I could not stop watching it.


So I had this thread in my mind and happened to be hanging out with someone who was a reformed turntablist and they hipped me to a small but growing scene/movement called Portabilism which revolves around using the tiny battery powered turntables on the market and ultraportable crossfaders!

Turns out I happen to have both of those things and they’re lying largely dormant now, but maybe I’ll finally become the turntablist I always want to be as a youth.

Anyway, seems like a pretty cheap/novel/fun way to get into something that can otherwise be a bit daunting.


This is super. Thanks.

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that raiden fader looks legit
i can usually tell by looking listening if the gear is getting in the way of the vibe

none of that going on from what I saw + the newest model includes innofaders (basically a lifetime guarantee)

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I get tons of Raiden/portablism videos in my Instagram Explore recommendations, and they’re all kinda cracking.


just found this

also i’m trying to decide whether to replace my broken mixer (a vestax 06) with my dream (rane ttm 56) or a cheaper numark

i hate rca’s tho and am trying to find one with slim/small footprint, optical x fader, AND 1/4" or xlr outs

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So I decided to take a stab based on what I had at home already – still need to remove the pt-01’s original slipmat and get a proper one, but turns out I had everything else!


[plz pardon this being rubbish]


As some who came to music production via a previous life as a DJ - in the exclusive vinyl days - I have always made room for a turntable coming into my set-up and adding effects etc as others have discussed above.
I am down to one turntable now and its not used much (except just to play my 2,000+ odd record collection and to record these things to digital/computer).
Saying that I now have an old 78rpm turntable (it was found and retrieved from a skip by my Dad, who knew I would want it!) and I have been buying old shellac 78’s as and when I find them and its great fun adding effects to these old records of the 1920’s and 1930s. I do sometimes think there is something great about trying to make a track / piece of sound just using the vinyl record as the main source. There is a Danish group called Den Sorte Skool who only use sampled vinyl to construct there every sound on their albums and they list every single vinyl source sample they use so its still an art that attracts people.

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Is that really a giant ice cream cone light in the background?

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Yes :smiley:

One of my better dumpster/sidewalk finds.

And totally agree about vinyl as a sound source. I haven’t done this in a while, but I used to pick up some $1 records on the weekend [usually stuff I didn’t know at all, but enjoyed the label art etc] and would pre-sequence playback trigggers on the machinedrum userwave and then just proceed to randomly drop the needle around and see what happens. Was almost always fun and inspiring. [also fun on the phonogene when I had that!].

Have since sold the MDUW but now have an octatrack, so I should definitely explore this again.

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Fucking awesome!

Oddly enough I actually own an Numark PT01 (not the scratch edition), so it might fun to get one of those little Raiden faders to have a play with it.

I also found out today that my good friend Sam used to be a DJ and has a set of Technics (direct drive, don’t know what models beyond that) and a mixer that he’s going to give me! It will have to wait until he’s in town next as he’s on tour, but awesome as shit!


-like finding vinyl in the street :slight_smile:


That’s great! I also scored my 1200 off a friend (well, for a bottle of Pernod). My recommended way to acquire one :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, pretty cool that the pt01 is like the name of the game right now, as it’s something I suspect many lines denizens will have on hand.


now i remember why i had a dj mixer: phono preamp and proper grounding



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first half of the video is not synced (and strangely never has been…i recall streaming it more the a decade ago and cursing my internet provider thinking it was a problem on my end)

one of my all time fav performances
by any band

on any instruments

gunkhole sadly broke before recording an album but toured west coast of usa and several cities in europe from 2003-2006ish


i don’t think this what you’re attempting @Rodrigo but for the sake of internet archaeology, and after wavetwisters was posted, i think folks might enjoy

as a drummer about to dive into turntable performance i thought you’d appreciate certain elements

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That’s great!

Years ago I was trying to start an experimental hiphop group that would be made up of just me on drums, a turntablist (handling the ‘music’ part), and eventually an MC. It tuned out being really hard to find a turntablist for this and eventually I gave up looking.

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Is drumming with one hand and scratching with the other an option? :slight_smile:

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