Tusk Festival, Gateshead (UK)

Anyone else going to this event? 11th-13th October. I’ve not heard of most of the performers but I have friends who recommend it (and it gets me out of the house for a few days!)


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Haven’t heard of it but I live near Gateshead so may well check it out! Although I’m seeing Look Mum No Computer in Manchester on the Sunday xD

Tusk always has a great lineup, but is too far away from me to get to.

I went in 2011 or 12, can’t remember exactly but it was really good - Pelt playing an amazing set on a borrowed gamelan, Keiji Haino being a diva, lots of other cool stuff that I can’t remember. Really liked the venue (Star and Shadow) and surrounding area, although the location may well have changed now. Tom Bugs did a WOM building workshop.
Their programming seems solid, so even if you go in blind you’re likely to discover amazing stuff.


Yeah, I am basically going because friends have said it’s a good event. I’m assuming that it’s now based around the Sage, but I have no real idea about where any of the events are going to be, so it’ll be interesting!

There’s only one act that I want to see, and that’s Mir8 since I know the guys and I’ve not seen them play!