Twelve Tone rows

Is there an app that relates the Grid to tone rows as used in serial music? i know after some googling that teletype includes twelve tone scales… It seems the Grid is just made for it, maye with 4 columns left for control. I thought it waould be lovely for earthsea to work with this. any info gratefully received…

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It would be very doable. Do you mean twelve tone rows, as in you set up pitch sequence, and then the rows would be the transpositions and retroversions etc? If you have grid with less than 12 of one dimension, that would throw things off a little. I don’t know that anyone has done it on norns yet, but there are some things that make it very easy to do in super collider.

Also the intonation library has different types of scales you can explore, earthsea already kind of has a twelve-tone scale by default.

edit: I’m sure there would be some serialist objects in max out there if you look around

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