Twinklr: A Modern Music Box

This is Twinklr, a modern music box. I’ve shared some pictures and clips with you all, but wanted to share it with you folks as you might appreciate it.

The video should give some overview of its functionality, but essentially: it’s an instrument, an object you can compose and perform with, and it can control anything over USB MIDI.

It’s also entirely open source.

If you’re in London, you can come and see it at Somerset House from Thursday Night to late Sunday afternoon at Into The Wild.

I’m quite pleased with this: it is still somewhat a ‘beta’ object, but it’s also very clearly a thing. I thought it might be relevant to some of your interests. (Also: there is a related object in progress that directly talks to modular synths; that is also very exciting).


absolutely love this! especially the ending when you drop the handle and it keeps swinging. genius!

Thanks! The handle is fun - it has enough weight that it has velocity, and the encoder is totally smooth - so you end up dropping it, or flicking it over; it slightly inspires push/pull in the way a hurdy-gurdy does, although with much less physicality…

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Lovely. I particularly like the four playhead option. Great work!

Thank you! I will be honest: the four playhead option is entirely inspired by Fugue Machine.