Twisted Electrons Octopus

I was flicking through some videos about modular synths (of which I know nothing!) and saw twisted electrons knew modules.

Watching the one about octopus sequencer (i think its a sequencer) and wondered if anyone had any ideas about how the sounds in the video are made as i really like it. (Like i said I know nothing about modular synths and sound design!!).

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The Octopus lets you sequence 8 inputs of control voltage or sound. It is pinged by triggers, clock or knobs to progress the sequence. Patch the cv out from the octopus to an oscillator and each step (pot setting) will send a different pitch to the oscillator. Feed it lfos and sequence which ones are being passed on, in the video example to control the filter cutoff. The actual patch and sources of sound isn’t evident by the video. The knobs nudge and override the progress of the sequencer, the knobs can also be automated by control signals. Cool module but limited to one cv out.

Obviously monome modules + grid are great sequencers. For audio mixing duties see also Make Noise RxMx (which can scan between 6 channels of audio, adding frail sound of vactrols) and Mutable Instruments Frames (at four channels, also able to act like an oscillator in itself and open source).

The Twisted Electrons guy does have a solid track record in synth making with stuff like the TherapSid which I owned previously. That video was really well produced too!

Cool thanks for that. Ikindat has intrigued me, but I kinda don’t want to know more as I can’t afford to fall into a modular rabbit hole haha :joy:

Sorry for the necro-bump, but there wasn’t really much info around on the Octopus, so I put together a demo video and feature here to give an idea of its features: