TX Modular (Virtual Modular in SuperCollider)

Anyone trying out TX Modular? It’s a free (GNU General Public License) virtual modular made in SuperCollider. I’ve been playing with it for the past few days. Details and download (macOS, Windows, Linux) here:


It’s built within SuperCollider. I read about it this week at cdm.link.

It paired easily with a MIDI controller, which is something VCV Rack can’t do yet. Here’s a quickie video of using chained LFOs to affect the playback speed of a Satie audio file:


Oh, and there’s a full list of modules here. It’s quite well fleshed out:



Thanks for this looks interesting, going to check it out

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This is relevant to my interests.


The modular suite looks very in-depth, and I like that there’s lots of polyphony support. What do you think about the interface? Seems, kind of convoluted from the video, although I haven’t used it so I can’t quite talk.

Dumb question here, I see where the extensions folder goes, but where do the others go?

This quick demo helped me understand the interface;

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I’ve only run it so far on a Mac, and that I just ran by clicking on the main program file within the folder after unzipping. You might write to the developer. He got back to me quickly via email when I inquired about Link (which is in the plans for down the road).

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I got it to run on Arch Linux but then I had to get on an airplane. Looking forward to getting back to SF. I wanna make OSC controllers!

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Do report back. I’m working with some of the real-time audio processing modules.

I got everything installed on Arch Linux. Quite a lot of compiling time but it was straightforward.

I like the SynthDef as module concept. There’s quite a lot of impressive work in there.

It wasn’t obvious how to do a hello world style VCO => VCF => VCA setup, but I did figure out how to make sound. I couldn’t figure out how to connect control rate modules to anything which had audible results.

The GUI has a kind of buffet style and the meaning of some control widgets wasn’t immediately obvious.

The help system exists, though it was a hard read to follow for an afternoon project.

I’ll give it some more time but I plan to continue building my own controller system, perhaps with the SynthDefs included in TX.

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