TX81Z realtime editor for Pure Data

I have a Yamaha TX81Z FM synthesizer. I found the manual and read the MIDI sysex table which led me to understand all parameters can be modified in realtime. This is relevant to my interests. Before I spend time plugging byte strings into Pure Data, would anyone know if this is already a thing that exists?

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Runs on Linux, Mac, WIndows

Runs on Mac, Windows

Do you have a Mac? I used to use a great editor called opFour created by Katsuhiro Chiba. I have a version of it on my computer I can share if you’d like. It was originally created with Max and turned into an app.

Also, in hardware, the Stereoping programmer looks like it solves a lot of problems.

Don’t have my TX81z anymore, but it was a great device with a lot of potential.

I have a bunch of computers of all kinds. I’ll check out some of the stand alone apps. Specifically, I’m looking for a patch editor in Pure Data. It seems like something I could do in a week or so but checking here first.

I uploaded it here if you want to check it out. It’s a standalone. I tried all of them and this was the easiest to use.


@lazzarello, did you ever end up writing an editor in PD or finding one?

I too have been on this hunt, and recently have started using edisyn, which you can grab on github here. While something built natively in PD would be ideal, I’ve found edisyn to be really easy to set up and use with my TX81Z.

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As the proud relatively new owner of a TX81Z: I’m so happy this thread got bumped up.


I did not follow up with it and I no longer have access to that hardware :frowning:

I’m also on the hunt for an editor for my TX81z, specifically one that allows me to host the editor as a VST plugin.

The Ctrlr panel works well for programming, but doesn’t seem have have a way of reading the state of the synth. Idea state for me is to be able to build patches with my Stereoping controller or tweak existing presets, transition to the DAW, capture the state of the machine within the session and be able to do recall. I’m going to experiment with mapping the Stereoping controller to Ctrlr as a control surface and capturing state in Ctrlr.

The Midiquest editor is actually pretty nice and totally does all the things I want but… it’s $300 for the version that supports VST! I’m pretty confident I would use this synth more if I could integrate it into my workflow a bit better but not enough to gamble $300 for a software editor.

I’ll post in this thread with whatever I find! I know I’m asking a lot of this thing, but there’s something about the 81z that I like that seems to transcend it’s capabilities.

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There are a couple of max for live ones if you’re a Live user. One of which I’ve just adapted for full control via push.

Ah yeah, I left out an important detail there: I’m a Cubase user currently so I don’t have M4L access at the moment but thanks for mentioning it!