Txi, Crow and Max [SOLVED]

I have been exploring a bit of max and i2c communication. I wanted to attempt using the TXi ports through i2c as CV to Midi converters. I have tried using druid as a starting point, and when I pol txi using something like ii.txi.get (1,1) I get nothing back

How does the syntax of pulling the txi information work through druid and Max?

I did as I usually do, took a run, did some work, came back to the ii.txi.help() command and truly looked closer.

Saw that I needed to formate the command in the following manner to get a print out:

ii.txi.get( ‘in’, 1) to get a printed readout. I will attempt to attach that to a number and eventually see what math I would need to do to convert this to a good midi CC range… Hmmm… And I guess I will need some sort of tool for accounting for negative range… Interesting stuff… Anyway, I’ll mark this as solved.

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It might work like that but I think you’ll want to register an event first? Take a look at some of the druid examples where there is an event set up to be triggered by I2C calls.

With Max I figure I might just pol it at metro rate? Something quick, like 5 or 10ms…

Do you have some examples of druid scripts you could point me to? I’m a little new to the event stuff.