TXo oscillator frequency

Each of these ops set the frequency of oscillation on a TXo CV output.

TO.OSC.FQ x y  -- targets oscillation for CV output x to frequency y
TO.OSC.N x y  -- targets oscillation for CV output x to note y

They aren’t additive though. Each will overwrite the other, so to speak.

A typical Eurorack oscillator module will typically have both a V/Oct input, a frequency control, and possibly an input (FM) jack. They are additive, so the pitch set by the V/Oct input is always offset by the tuning of the oscillator.

I’d like to mimic this behavior with the TXo. Set it’s frequency to some center frequency f0, say for example 220Hz, and then offset this frequency with semitone note values.

Is there a way to do this today? I think this would be super useful in using the TXo’s oscillators in audio rate modulation with external oscillators. Or just simply for matching the tuning of an external osc.

Following and very interested too

Have you tried storing the center in a variable in the Teletype and then adding it when calling the TXo? Something like:


Where A is your center and B is your offset? Or am I not understanding the challenge well enough? :wink:

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Why not just offset by the tuning you want in note values? I mean something like:

TO.OSC.N 1 + X Y

where X is your base note and y is your offset.

edit: damn, beaten to the punch :smiley:

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Thanks @bpcmusic and @x2mirko, I think the challenge is mixing apples and oranges here. What I’m trying to do is set the center frequency to a ratio of an external oscillator. Let’s say the external oscillator is set to f0=65 Hz. So I’d like to be able to configure some variables such that I can set up a ratio. 1:2 or 2:1 for example. So set the f0 of TXo to 32 or 130 Hz. And then add an offset for the currently selected note/pitch.

So in the equation above A and B are both frequencies. I’m having trouble getting B.

N x doesn’t return a frequency. It returns some kind of value to set the DAC at. Is there an op similar to N that would return a value in Hz?